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It’s a new ball game: Fretting over GOPs hold on social media

April 30, 2012


Over at leading conservative site, Human Events, there is an article worrying about Mitt Romney and the GOP’s use of social media. Where Mitt Romney might have been able to finance his way through the GOP primary with a massive financial advantage, Di Guido (author of the linked article) is worried: The GOP strategy is severely flawed […]

Santorum’s Endorsement Problem

February 28, 2012


John Bernstein at the Washington Post has an interesting take on endorsements.  We often think of these high-profile endorsements as important because they eventually affect voter behavior. That’s sort of true, although not usually in a direct way; very few voters will wait to see who their governor supports in order to make their own […]

Who is steering the ship?

February 23, 2012


Jay Cost over at the Weekly Standard, has a post up in which he offers his take on why the GOP finds itself in it’s current state. He feels that this is the culmination of a process in which state and local organizations have had their influence reduced: In the pre-reform era, that was a […]

Presidential Primaries 2.0

February 14, 2012


So, first of all, you see this post is not about net neutrality.  With a view to a greater focus on social media engagement (rather than just “internet” in general) we will be switching our focus to the GOP 2012 presidential primaries.  One thing I find intriguing about the current impasse for the Republicans is […]

Et tu Canada?

February 7, 2012


There’s an interesting case out there in Canada this week, in which an ISP, Rogers Inc,  has agreed to stop internet throttling.  In Canada, internet throttling is explicitly allowed –but only for P2P.  Apparently, Canada’s version of the FCC, Canada’s Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), released a report basically saying they were doing it wrong.  Thsi si […]

The other side of Net Neutrality

February 2, 2012


While our primary interest on this blog is covering movements advocating for net neutrality, it is also important to know some of the basic arguments against net neutrality as well as key players that are against net neutrality. One common argument against net neutrality legislation, is that it stifles innovation and investment.  (Implicit here is […]