Presidential Primaries 2.0

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So, first of all, you see this post is not about net neutrality.  With a view to a greater focus on social media engagement (rather than just “internet” in general) we will be switching our focus to the GOP 2012 presidential primaries. 

One thing I find intriguing about the current impasse for the Republicans is the comparisons to the 2008 duel between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.   Why did that primary go the distance? Why will this one? 

Was it because in one case there were two very good transformational candidates, and in the other there is no inspired candidate? 

On the other hand perhaps its the technology itself.  Maybe social media inherently prevents a candidate quickly emerging. That would mean that pretty much every presidential primary will be following the 2008 Democrat and the 2012 GOP patterns. 


Social Media is a new battle terrain for elections (source:


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