It’s a new ball game: Fretting over GOPs hold on social media

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Over at leading conservative site, Human Events, there is an article worrying about Mitt Romney and the GOP’s use of social media. Where Mitt Romney might have been able to finance his way through the GOP primary with a massive financial advantage, Di Guido (author of the linked article) is worried:

The GOP strategy is severely flawed and dated.  Running  billions of dollars in ads on network and spot television between now and the election is reckless at a time when every data point documents that these platforms continue to lose viewership on a month-to-month basis. You ask me to contribute to a media plan that is lining the  P&Ls of the major networks  and will accomplish nothing.  I am not that stupid.  No one seems to have studied the strategy and tactics that provided candidate Obama to amass a legion of online supporters that generated over $500 million in campaign financing in the last election.


Are you folks that ignorant to believe that social media and the Internet will play no role in electing or reelecting the next president? Tell me that there are some folks inside of the brain trust for our candidate and party that are smarter than that. Where are the ideas? Who’s got the plan?

Of course the demographic that would use social media are not the voters that Romney necessarily needs to reach.  Nonetheless, in this election, part of the strategy of both sides will probably be to minimize losses (for Obama with working class whites)–so the Romney team perhaps should get interested in a coherent social media strategy–which is not to say that they’re not.

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