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The idea of net neutrality goes hand in hand with the idea of unrestricted freedom. The Internet has played a pivotal role in calling attention to the gross inequalities and injustice that exists within American society. The fight for equality has given birth to a new era in American political thought that has engulfed cities all across America. The Occupy Movement aims to call attention to the economic inequalities that has concentrated the nations wealth in the hands of 1% of the population. This startling statistic has prompted the poor and middle class to fight for fairer tax policies from their political representatives. The Occupy movement has opened the door to other similar movements demanding social responsibility from large corporations. Many of these corporations are highly influential in the fight for net neutrality as they stand to both lose and profit from this change. Our work will examine the impact of net neutrality as a foundation for smaller social movements for unrestricted freedom and equality across all classes.

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